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MASKS during COVID-19

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, face masks have been part of our new normal.   On March 21, 2022, Ontario lifted mandates for face masks in certain public areas.  Continuing to wear face masks is a personal preference. 


We are still happy to provide custom masks.

Davis Floral Creations has teamed with Cornell Cuts for Kids Salon in Markham in making non-medical grade 3 and 4 layered face masks.  Our masks are washable, reusable and available in 100% cotton, cotton blend and flannelette.  They come in a variety of sizes in fun colours, patterns and prints for everyday use.   Contact us to order.  


These masks are not a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment (PPE).  Masks are not required for children under 2 years old or for those with breathing problems.  Please check with your Federal, Provincial or local governments for current protection requirements.

Masks & Lanyards

Custom Orders

Patterns & Accessories

Cone fitted - Adults $7ea, kids $5ea

Pleated with nose wire - Adults $10ea, kids $8ea

Mask cover for disposable masks (one size) - $7.50ea

Straight cut - Adults $10ea, $11 (with nose wire), kids $8ea

3D mask - $10ea

Black beaded masks - $30

Swarovski crystal masks - $35

Ribbon lanyard - $3.50

Beaded lanyard - $8

Elastic ear guards - $2

Leather hand sanitizer containers - $5.50

Canvas cases - $6, personalized extra $1.50

Custom / personalized orders - contact for a quote

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